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Journey to the River Sea

Title of book: Journey to the river sea.

 Author: Eva Ibbotson (1925-2010)

Publication date: 2002

The novel is set in the early 1900s, and it focuses mainly on Maia who is an orphan, at the start of the novel she goes to live in the Amazon, with the Carter’s and their twin daughters, the family hate everything about the outdoors, and they refuse to go outdoors because of the nasty insects, the tribes people and the animals. As the story progresses we learn more about the boy she befriends on the journey to the Amazon; Clovis, who’s an actor, and later on Finn Taverner.

The story mainly focuses on friendship; the friendship between Finn, Clovis and Maia being one of the important aspects of the story. There are also mentions of greed, and how being greedy almost destroyed the family when they get their hands on a marvelous fortune

Maia is the main protagonist in the novel, and in more ways than one you can feel sorry for her throughout the novel, she has to overcome several obstacles throughout the novel, yet unlike the twins she sees every day as an adventure, and is shocked when she realizes that the Carter’s despise going outdoors.

I also find that it is good, how Minty (her governess) fits in with everything, as the novel progresses we find more about Minty’s strange past which fits in with the whole novel, making it all somewhat connected. Finn and Clovis are also well written likeable characters and I find it interesting how Ibbotson devotes equal attention to each of these characters so that each one has their own backstory.

The twins; being the main antagonist of the story are also very well written, and it makes you think of them as your own worst enemy! They seem to live in their own little world, and in the novel they appear to separate themselves from the other children as they only enjoy their own company, they are vain and selfish and they don’t like to share anything. For the best part of the novel they are plotting some way to get rid of Maia.

I was drawn by the unusual plot and setting, and I loved learning about Finn, Maia and Clovis, who were all portrayed as quirky, individual and interesting characters.

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