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The Book Thief Review

Title:  The Book Thief
Author:  Markus Zusak
Publication Date:  2007
Summary of the book:
 Here is a small fact:
You are going to die.’
1939 Nazi Germany. The country is holding its breath. Death has never been busier.
Liesel a nine- year- old girl is living with a foster family on Himmel Street. Her parents have been taken away to a concentration camp. Liesel steals books. This is her story and the story of the inhabitants of her street when the bombs begin to fall.
Some important information:
The Novel is narrated by Death.
It’s a small story, about:
A girl
A accordionist
Some fanatical Germans
A Jewish fist fighter
And quite a lot of thievery.

Another thing you should know:
Death will visit the Book Thief Three Times.

During the horrors of World War 2 Liesel Meminger is sent away to Himmel Street to live with her new foster parents; Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Liesel steals a book called The Grave Digger's Handbook and is fascinated by it even though she can neither read nor write, throughout the course of the book she learns to read and write and she finds solace in stealing books.

I really enjoyed this book, I was a bit reluctant to read it at first because of course it is set in ‘Nazi Germany’ and I knew that it would be pretty sad. But I’m glad that I finally decided to pick it up and read it, it’s very rare when a book reaches a spot in my top five favourite books when I’m only halfway through! Only behind to my all-time favourites; The Hobbit, The Magicians Nephew and The Harry Potter series.

You may be asking yourself; should I read this book? You may be a bit apprehensive as to whether or not you should read it, and I strongly encourage you to read it.  Sometimes a fictional interpretation of history helps the reader come to a real understanding of historic events, by reading it is almost like reliving historic events. This is an astonishing book and it has definitely encouraged me to read more fictional historic novels. I fell in love with the characters; Max, Liesel, Rudy, Hans even the story of the accordion made me shed a few tears.

"Extraordinary, resonant and relevant, beautiful and angry." (Lisa Hilton Sunday Telegraph)
"...a beautifully balanced piece of storytelling...Unsettling, thought-provoking, life affirming, triumphant and tragic, this is a novel of breathtaking scope, masterfully told. It is an important piece of work, but also a wonderful page-turner." (Guardian)
"A moving work which will make many eyes brim." (Marianne Brace Independent on Sunday)
"This is a weighty novel worthy of universal acclaim. A sense of dread prevades this beautifully written novel. As The Book Thief draws to a close, Death says: "There's a multitude of stories that i allow to distract me as I work." The story of the Book Thief, who tried to change the world in her own small way, proves one formidable and inspiring distraction." (Lianne Kolirin The Daily Express)
"Brilliant and hugely ambitious ... the kind of book that could be life-changing" (New York Times Book Review)

Film Adaptation:
There is a film adaptation of this book; the film came out in 2013.
It stars:
Sophie Nélisse as Liesel Meminger
Geoffrey Rush as Hans Hubermann
Emily Watson as Rosa Hubermann
Nico Liersch as Rudy Steiner  

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